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The company that created the first and only complete portable hard surface cleaning system. No water required, no rinsing and dries quickly. This disposable protective mitt, cloth and cleaning solution all in one is called a SCMITT™ ("smitt").  


The trademark name comes from the words

 Super Cleaning MITT.



                                                              was established in January 2016 in Fairfax County, Virginia outside the Nation’s Capital.  The concept and design was created by Founder and CEO Joe Hagen.

Mr. Hagen opened and managed many District of Columbia restaurants for a decade before being hired at NPR (National Public Radio, Inc).  Over 19 years, he developed multiple station and listener services and databases.  These systems assisted to advance NPR programs on numerous communication platforms.


Try a free sample by sending $1 by CASH APP "To:" 703-798-4336 to cover shipping & handling.  Type your full name and mailing address under the "For:" field.  Thank you.

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